Luthier’s EDGE Q & A Jam Session – March 2018

We had a great time this month, and as you’ll see replay video below, we covered many great questions and really got into some topics that I feel are very useful and important in deepening your understanding of the art of lutherie AND that could help you improve your guitars right away!

Here are just a few things we covered in this month’s session (IN ORDER):

  • Most important aspects of the guitar (Key Ingredients) 00:01:05
  • Listening to the client/guitar player 00:07:00
  • Marketing basics: Sales vs. Serving 00:10:20
  • Packaging, Delivering and Shipping Your Guitar 00:13:00
  • Simple Side Dots 00:26:40
  • Gluing Solid/Laminated Linings (reference tape) 00:34:50
  • Elevated Fingerboard Design/Execution (a “Must Watch”) 00:38:05
  • Neck Design For Great Action (Subtle Forward Bow) 00:43:35
  • Tips on Setting Action and Intonation 01:00:20
  • Important Tips On Using Super Glue for Binding 01:16:10
  • Selecting Soundboard Material (Run-out, Splitting Wood, etc.) 01:21:00
  • Bridge Design (Mass, Materials and Tone) 01:31:35
  • The Compensated Nut (in the Real World) 01:41:00
  • Listening Inside The Note 01:45:10
  • Flattening Guitar Sides 01:48:10
  • Shellac: Flakes vs. Button/Seed Lac 01:51:20
  • Grain Lines and Thin Finishes 02:00:10

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    1. One more thing….it was very sweet your wife leaving that heart on the whiteboard….a little reminder for you that behind all the great things you love to do, there’s a great woman too who loves you and supports your quest. My wife is always chasing me back into the shop and making sure my head is screwed on correctly to stay focused despite all of life’s distractions.